The best workouts to do when traveling… no equipment needed!

Workouts can be tough when you’re traveling or far from your studio or home gym. But the goods news is, this is your chance to get creative! You don’t have to travel with a bunch of equipment and tools for your travel workouts; your body is totally equipped to give you a great workout, no equipment needed! So many workouts you can do with no equipment, check it out!

How HIIT moves can improve your running pace/stride

HIIT stands for high intensity interval workouts. HIIT workouts re any workout that combines quick intense bursts of exercise at a high intensity followed by exercises at a lower intensity. This combination of high intensity and lower intensity gets your heart rate up and are really efficient workouts because you get a lot done in a short amount of time.

Should I work out twice a day?

Perhaps you’re training for a physical event, such as an Ironman or a sports competition. Or perhaps you’re simply on a workout kick after showing up to the gym several days in a row. Whatever the reason, you may be considering upping the exercise ante to working out twice a day.

Easy ways to make fitness a part of your routine

Keeping fit isn’t easy. Despite how easy the media makes it seem, it takes time, commitment, effort, and discipline. While this does come easier to some people than others, it still takes work. It is important to make working out and exercising a part of your daily routine so that way, it’s like second nature and you just do it by habit.

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