Teacher Training

inBalance Instructor Certification Course

The inBalance Certification Program will give you the ability to teach one of the most effective workouts in the industry today, and will allow you to bring our most popular classes to clients everywhere. Our inBalance signature classes are all built on Pilates and Pilates principles are are used throughout our training. This training will give you access to all 6 of our signature classes and allow you to teach at any inBalance location. This certification will not only add to your repertoire as a certified fitness professional, but will propel you into the next realm of fitness. Through our weekend intensive course and subsequent training hours, learn how to incorporate our evidence based technique with your knowledge of fitness in order to give your clients one of the best workouts out there, and one that is motivating, rewarding, and fun!

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inBalance Pilates Academy

inBalance Pilates Academy is a contemporary Pilates training program that combines traditional Pilates teachings with modern-day movement, anatomical, biomechanics and physiotherapy research techniques to provide a functional approach to Pilates. Our program is designed to provide a fundamental basis and understanding of anatomy as well as the scientific reasoning behind the movements in order to establish the foundation needed to develop creative, fluid and comprehensive classes for all levels and all styles of classes from an advanced athletic practice to a rehabilitative session and everything in between. inBalance Pilates Academy will empower you with the knowledge, information and techniques you need to equip your students with proper movement technique as well as opportunities for them to progress and evolve their practice as they gain strength and stability. Our goal is to groom dynamic, knowledgable, properly trained instructors who can teach successfully in a mixed level class. This is a prerequisite for our inBalance Certification program.

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inBalance Yoga Teacher Training

inBalance offers both 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training programs through Unbound Yoga and Wellness. Each program is led by one of the leading yoga therapy instructors in the nation, offering both online and in person yoga teacher training. Check out each of our programs here.

Adaptive Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

Adaptive Yoga Therapeutics 300 Hour Teacher Training

inBalance Meditation Teacher Training

Perfect for mental health professionals wanting to integrate mindfulness into their practices to educators wanting to bring mindfulness to the classroom. Our program 120 hour Meditation Training Program is open to anyone looking for continuing education or wanting to sharpen skills in mindfulness for themselves or to bring into professional settings.

Meditation Teacher Training

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