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At inBalance we are all about evolving the way you work out, and we want to do the same for the lives of those itching to do the same. Let us help you evolve the way you live by opening your own inBalance studio in your neighborhood.

Why inBalance

Since the first studio opened in the spring of 2012, inBalance has experience has evolved into a business model ready to grow through franchising. We are looking for entrepreneurs and business minded people who are passionate about health, fitness, transforming bodies, minds and communities. We’re ready to guide you every step of the way – from selecting the perfect location, to completing the build-out, opening your doors and sustaining strong membership recruitment and retention. Leveraging success from our current studio, inBalance could be your best investment yet.

To learn more about how you can transform your prosperity and the lives of others in your community, call or email us today at or take the first step by completing this form.

Our Core Values

inBalance is more than a fitness studio; we are educating members on how to lead strong, balanced and full lives. Our comprehensive approach combining nutrition and fitness looks at the health and wellness equation holistically, allowing our members to work from the inside out.
Our signature fitness methods are a gift, as is our business model. All of us at inBalance love people and the opportunity to serve people. We empower our members, instructors and team members to be inspiring leaders in the fitness and health industry and drive inBalance to be leaders in promoting a balanced lifestyle.

About Us

At inBalance, we evolve the way you workout. Our classes are the perfect balance between proven Pilates principles and high-intensity training, bringing strength, endurance and power together into one class. The result? The strongest version of yourself. We offer the widest variety of class modalities that are all results driven and designed to challenge the mind and body, while provide exactly what you need to meet your goals, which can very from day to day. All of our unique classes are let by talented, creative, well-trained and certified instructors using the latest exercise methods, equipment and up-to-date training and support given by inBalance.

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