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inBalance recommends 3-5 class per week to really feel the benefits of our program. All of our classes outside of the mat pilates and yoga are Signature classes, including our contemporary Pilates equipment classes, that you will ONLY find at inBalance!

We take pride in offering all of our signature classes in a small setting where we give you the personalized attention that you desire... no more cramming bodies in rooms and just being a face in the crowd. Our classes will never have more than 12 bodies in a room. THIS is the benefit of the boutique fitness experience and this is the ONLY experience you will find at our inBalance studios!





Our own signature heart pumping dance cardio combing hip hop, jazz and ballet elements, combined with serious body sculpting and strength building moves using weights, balls, bands etc., then bringing in the lengthening and stretching of a yoga class; this class has got it all! We take a contemporary approach to aligning and sculpting the body through a sequencing of movements, built in intervals, designed to make you sweat and boost your metabolism for hours after the workout is finished. This class creates an addictive synergy of mind, body, and spirit! ***Sneakers required. Not recommended for those with cervical issues or those new to exercise due to the level of high intensity and impact of the class.

* Sneakers recommended but not required





inBalance's own unique, high energy barre class, BARRE will forever change the way you look at your workout. It blends techniques from pilates, ballet, plyometricsand yoga, put together into an interval based class to get your heart rate up andmetabolism revved. The techniques combined in this class are designed to firm, tightenand tone muscles and re-align the body without adding bulk. Benefits includeimproved balance, posture, strength, muscle tone, body awareness and flexibility.Barre will challenge your mind and body like no other class, increasing yourresting metabolism, giving you that awesome “after burn” even after you have stoppedworking out! Our BARRE classes incorporate a vast array of props includingweights, balls, bands, TRX, ankle weights and more! All fitness levels and ages arewelcome. BARRE is where strong and balanced bodies are made.





inBalance's own Pilates flow class! This class blends pilates and barre with plyometric and strength training techniques choreographed to the music. It tones and challenges the body and moves non-stop. It tones and challenges the body and moves non-stop! No rest for the weary here!

** Pre-requisite: at least 5 inBalance classes (because of the pace of the class).





Elevate your fitness in this full body workout! Using a chair or box, ELEVATE is built into blocks that sculpt and challenge the entire body. This multi-level class has modifications for all levels but does build in intensity.

This signature class definitely takes sculpting to an entirely different level!





A new element to inBalance's own unique, high energy barre class! This class blends our barre class, which takes techniques from pilates, ballet, plyometrics and yoga, put together in an interval based class, where you use the mini trampoline to get your heart rate up for the cardio blocks! Bouncing is great for the joints, a low impact alternative to jumping on hard surfaces and helps improve your lymphatic system by increasing blood flow. Come reap the benefits for yourself in this fun new class!





BARRE Suspended combines traditional and contemporary barre exercises, with pilates exercises on the mat and equipment, and the strength work of the suspension system. Each exercise has its roots in Pilates and barre and is designed work and sculpt the entire body!





Pilates is intended to preserve the inspired evolution of Body Contrology, the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates. Working through spinal articulation, core strengthening exercises, coordination of the extremities, and flexibility, this class is the perfectfoundation for all of our high intensity classes at inBalance, as well as a beautiful compliant to any of our yoga or restore classes.





Our yoga classes range from meditation and yin-style yoga, to vinyasa and yoga sculpt. Explore different styles based on your level and energetic needs for the day and learn to connect the mind, body and soul in a unique way!



Pilates Equipment


Our Pilates equipment classes utilize the Pilates reformer, the Pilates Exo Chair as well as the Pilates tower. Our classes range from a flow style that moves a slower pace, to a sculpt and cardio style to get he heart pumping and sweat flowing! All of our equipment classes are contemporary style and all-levels classes to suit where you are and your individual level. Need an even more customized approach? Ask us about private and small group private sessions!



Pilates Equipment


The ultimate inBalance interval based class! We will combine Pilates principles with plyometrics, strength training and endurance training for an intense, total body workout. Using weights, medicine balls, bands and more, we will challenge the cardiovascular system while building strength in this class that is designed to burn fat and calories while developing strength and agility. Plan to sweat like crazy while working every muscle group!

Cancellation Policy

Late cancellations and missed bookings will be charged the full fee. A late cancellation is anyone who cancels with fewer than:

  • 2 hours for group classes
  • 12 hours for group reformer classes
  • 24 hours for private sessions
  • *Note that group classes must have at least 4 students and reformer classes must have at least 2.

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