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inBalance classes are a level above any other. Here’s what gives us our edge.


Unparalleled workout experience…

With an extensive background in dance, Pilates, group exercise, functional movement and functional nutrition, Hope Pedraza brings you the expert programming of a concierge trainer amplified by the energy of highly trained and educated instructors inside of an empowering fitness community. Our strategic combo of Pilates, functional training, interval training and our 5 Pillars of Sustainable and Functional Fitness (balance, strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance) caters to all ages and all levels and delivers unparalleled results. Our classes are designed to progress, change, and evolve over time so that you are always evolving, never plateauing.

Highly trained instructors…

Each of our instructors has been trained in-house, completed hundreds of hours of training in movement, anatomy, physiology, and mechanics as well as an in-depth apprentice program to be able to teach our signature classes. inBalance instructors come to learn and they come to stay, they are dedicated and loyal to our mission and our vision of creating balanced, vibrant bodies from the inside out. This is the inBalance way!

We’re your one stop shop for boutique fitness.

Get everything you need from personal training to nutrition, recovery, performance metrics, a personalized class program, and more to help you reach your goals. Our classes invite all levels and maintain a focus on energetic and high vibe classes all while encouraging proper form.

All of our workouts are movement based and rooted in contemporary Pilates principles and functional training, giving you the best results physically and mentally within a vibrant community.


About our founder, Hope Pedraza

Hope Pedraza is a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor of 20 years, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Practitioner and Human Design Guide. Her 20+ years of dance experience led her into the Pilates and fitness space 20 years ago where she worked to achieve multiple certifications in Pilates, group fitness, barre, cycling, sports medicine, and more.

She created inBalance in 2012 to give people an opportunity to love movement as much as she does, and provide them options for classes that they will find nowhere else in town.

She wanted to create a space to inspire people to nurture their body and their soul, and to provide a sense of belonging and community with students. Classes at inBalance rely on a variety of proven methods that take students out of their comfort zone, and follow what she calls the 5 Pillars of Sustainable and Functional Fitness: balance, strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance.

The method she created works to strengthen the body and improve flexibility by developing a balance that utilizes a fun and focused approach to movement, and all of this is done with top-notch, expertly trained instructors.

inBalance isn’t here to create a fad dedicated to fitness. We aim to create a lifestyle that demonstrates a love of movement and TOTAL wellness and prides itself on connecting the mind, body, and spirit for wholeness.

She serves as the lead Functional Practitioner at inBalance (as an FDN-P) where she helps people get to the root cause of chronic symptoms and create balance in the body with functional labs, Human Design, hypnotherapy and energy medicine.

Hope has spoken on national stages, over a hundred podcasts, and hosts her own podcast dedicated to wellness and wholeness, called Hopeful and Wholesome.

The inBalance Team

With combined thousands of hours of training and over 75 years of experience, our instructors come from dance, fitness and physical therapy backgrounds and are the best of the best! We don’t slack on talent around here, and you will see the difference when you jump into one of our classes. We’ve designed every class with you in mind. And we’re here to help lead you to MOVE WITH PURPOSE.

Frequently Asked Questions!

inBalance instructors have been hand-selected and trained in-house by Hope. Every trainer has completed hundreds of hours of training in anatomy, physiology, mechanics, Pilates and functional movement as well as complete an extensive apprenticeship before teaching our signature method. Each instructor has expertise in their field, is an experienced teacher, and has a passion and love for movement and boutique fitness!
While the exact timeframe a person notices results will vary, we recommend committing to at minimum 3 classes per week to get the maximum benefits!
If you’re a total newbie, we highly recommend starting with our 3 Private Bundle Fresh Start pass (include a link to the “try us out” page). If you’re an experienced mover but just new to inBalance, we recommend starting with something like Mat Pilates or Reformer FLOW to get acquainted with the movements, the equipment and the flow of class.
No! While our members are predominantly women, we do have members who are men and love our work just as much as the ladies! The methods at inBalance benefit ALL bodies, regardless of age, gender or level. And many men find our methods even more challenging than the workouts that they are used to!
You can check out our class descriptions page HERE and see what each small group training session entails. Our sessions range from high intensity to lower intensity, some focus on strength while others focus on endurance or cardio but ALL of them are going to cover these pillars at some point. Whether your goal is to build strength, to tone up, to lose weight, to maintain, or to rehab after an injury, the combination of sessions at inBalance achieves ALL of that! We recommend setting up a call with us or one of our instructors if you are looking for a customized plan for your specific goals, email Aubrey@inbalancestudio.com to get started!
Yes! All of our small group training sessions are all levels and we break everything down with modifications and accommodations for any and everyone!
Our founder is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who has created all of the signature wellness programs we have at inBalance. As an FDN-P, Hope and her team work with functional labs to get to the root cause of chronic symptoms. She has worked with dozens of women all over the world who have been disappointed or frustrated with conventional methods, had mystery symptoms that could never be explained by the conventional medical system, or wanted to heal their bodies with a more holistic, integrative approach. Click HERE to learn more about our nutrition and wellness services.
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