inBalance Meditation Series

We’re so excited for this next series of classes! Meditation is a growing trend and it can be initiating or downright weird to some, or maybe even seems like a waste of time to others! We’re using the rest of 2019 to demystify the whole experience for you and keep you grounded as you get into the busy holiday season.
Our meditation series is created for those new to mediation as well as those who want to improve their practice with our guided themes throughout the rest of 2019!

Whole for the Holidays

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The holidays can hit us hard… we’re planning parties and dinners and family visits. We’re going to school concerts and shopping for at least 132 gifts, and then, oh, we have to wrap all of these and deliver them.

Look Better Feel Better: Top Reasons to Go Plant Based

Nutrition experts around the world agree: a plant based diet is better for your health, your mind, AND the planet. “Plant based” can mean 100% animal product free, or it can mean a diet made up primarily of fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, beans, and legumes, with smaller amounts of meat and dairy still incorporated.

Your Key to Wellness: The Proven Health Benefits of Yoga

The approaching of Fall also means the approaching of something else: the busy holiday season. I don’t know about y’all, but while I LOVE the holidays, I don’t love the stress that they can bring. With everything vying for our time and attention– school plays, family gatherings, work parties, holiday vacations– it can be easy to forget about wellness.

7 Day Plant Based Challenge

Meatless Mondays are a thing of the past... it's time for a 7 Day Meatless Challenge! We're bringing you a week of whole-food-plant-based meals, complete with a grocery list, recipe guide and meal prep plan. This plan is a completely animal-free approach to healthy eating that maximizes whole grains, vegetables and legumes, while minimizing refined sugars and oils.

Your Ultimate Guide to Macros

You might’ve heard people talking about it at barre class, or at the water cooler at work, or even when you’re out with friends: are you counting your macros? Counting or tracking macronutrients is all the rage these days- but what is this trend, and is it helpful or just a fad?

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