Everything you need to know about kids and snacking

Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing, in fact it shouldn’t! Snacking the right way should be an energy source for kiddos to sustain them throughout the day. If you are worried about your kids snacking on the wrong stuff, trying to keep your kids from snacking is not a practical option… we all know they are going to snack… and really they should, they need energy! “Forbidding” certain things only makes them want them more.

How Much Protein Should You Be Eating?

Always the ever-going debate, how much protein should we be eating is the questions of the century. And debate it how you want, protein is essential for bodily functions, like building healthy tissues, a healthy immune system, healthy hormone levels, and storing energy, as well as maintaining muscle mass to protect against injury.

Cardio: Essential or no???

The lifelong debate of whether or not you need cardio will always exist among gym goers and exercisers… Unless you are familiar with the physiology and science of it all, you assume cardio is necessary, when you go to the gym and the cardio equipment is ALWAYS full.

Are you doing these exercises wrong???

Many people attack certain exercise moves wither before they’ve had proper training or before they have the strength in the right places to perform the moves properly and safely. Social media and Youtube, as well as your app store, are great places for at-home workouts, but for someone who is not experienced in exercise or someone’s starting out, these can be dangerous, as there is no one with you to correct form and keep you in a safe position.

The Power of Recovery

Believe it or not, we can learn a little something from the NFL this year… back in November, many NFL players came out saying that Thursday night football should be illegal. Why? They made claims that players just don’t have enough time to recover… 4 days (from Sunday night football) just isn’t enough time for the beating their bodies take during that 4 hour game.

The best workouts to do when traveling… no equipment needed!

Workouts can be tough when you’re traveling or far from your studio or home gym. But the goods news is, this is your chance to get creative! You don’t have to travel with a bunch of equipment and tools for your travel workouts; your body is totally equipped to give you a great workout, no equipment needed! So many workouts you can do with no equipment, check it out!

How to Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response that helps the body heal itself, bringing white blood cells to the area of concern with increased blood flow. Inflammation in a healthy body is normal, but when it gets out of control, it can damage the body, attacking healthy body tissues, which can lead to things like joint pain, fatigue, damage to blood vessels, as well as more serious issues like autoimmune disorders, celiac (gluten allergy), Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even cancer.

How to Eat Healthy Without Going Broke

"I can't afford to eat healthy."
If there is one most common excuse for not following a nutritious diet, that’s probably it. On the surface, it seems valid: A quick cruise through the organic section at the grocery store confirms that, indeed, many of the items that are marketed as the healthiest options come with a hefty upcharge.

Are you ruining your salad?

We all like to feel a little healthier when we order a salad when we go out to eat. All those greens and veggies HAVE to be good for us, right? Well, as healthy as we may think we are as we’re eating our salad, truth is, you may not be doing yourself any favors.

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