Whole for the Holidays

Whole for the Holidays

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The holidays can hit us hard… we’re planning parties and dinners and family visits. We’re going to school concerts and shopping for at least 132 gifts, and then, oh, we have to wrap all of these and deliver them. Except the ones you have to get to your brother in Florida and your aunt in Virginia, in that case you have to make a trip to the post office, which is basically an entire afternoon of standing in line. And then you have those cookies you have to bake for you kid’s school holiday party. And somewhere amidst all of this you have to find the time (and energy) to really think about what you’re eating and try to make healthy choices while trying your darnedest to avoid the holiday snacks that are sure to make you blow up like a blimp, right? And while we really DO want to make healthy choices, those goodies your husband brought home from work are REALLY calling you!

The struggle is real, right?!

Well, while we ARE going to indulge a little between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we can also stay on track because inBalance is coming to the rescue! We’ve got the solution to all of this, all while taking away the guess work, planning, and hair-pulling-out during the holidays with our Whole for the Holidays Challenge. We're giving you the extra help you need to get through the holidays unscathed with 21 days of clean, healthy, whole foods, that are heavy on the plants and keep you light on the scale. These meals are full of superfoods, tons of nutrients and fiber, and mostly plant based so you’re feeling your best and running on all cylinders during this holidays season (and avoiding blimp status!).

And I totally know what you’re thinking…. “But I don’t have TIME to cook healthy meals!” And my answer to that: YES YOU DO! Because eating healthy doesn’t mean spending you whole life in the kitchen! These meals are quick and delicious (and budget friendly!) so you can batch cook proteins and prep breakfasts ahead in less time it takes to order takeout! Weeknight dinners are insanely quick, and breakfasts are prepped ahead for busy mornings. Leftovers are repurposed for simple and delicious lunches. Our Whole for the Holidays Program is complete with a weekly meal plan, grocery list, recipes (complete with variations and substitutions) and a prep guide. You’ll also be able to join our inBalance inTheKitchen private Facebook group for more support, recipes, accountability, and live Q & A sessions with Hope so you can ask all your burning nutrition and wellness questions!

All you need to do is commit to the challenge.

  • Member pricing: $99
  • Non Member pricing: $129

You can sign up anytime between November 4 and 29! Email Hope@inbalancestudios.com with questions or to take advantage of members pricing!

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