For better results, add this to your workout routine

For better results, add this to your workout routine


One of the biggest misconceptions in fitness is that you need to go all out in every workout in order to see results. Research has shown that the opposite is actually true: we don’t need to workout harder, to see real gains in fitness and weight loss we need to workout smarter. This means understanding your max heart rate, the heart rate zones, and when to workout in each zone. If you’re interested in more efficiently burning fat, improving your cardiovascular fitness, and recovering better with the help of InBalance, read on.

Calculating your Max Heart Rate

The first step in understanding heart rate usage in fitness is understanding your max heart rate (MHR). This is because the “zones” you want to workout in are based on a percentage of your MHR. The most common way to find your MHR is by using the well known Fox formula, which subtracts your age from 220. For example, the max heart rate of a 20 year old under this formula would be 200.

The trouble with this simple formula is that it actually isn’t the most accurate one out there! Many variables can affect your MHR, including medications you’re taking, your body size, altitude, the specific activity you’re doing, and age. The Fox formula can be off (higher or lower) by as many as 12 beats per minute- so if you use that formula, keep that in mind.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends either the Gellish or Tanaka formulas, which are below. Though these formulas can still be off by +/- 7 beats per minute, they provide at least a better estimate for the general population:

Gellish: 206.9 - (0.67 x age) = MHR
Tanaka: 208 - (0.7 x age) = MHR

So, use one of the formulas above to calculate your MHR and let’s keep moving!

Understanding Heart Rate Zones

You’ve heard a lot about heart rate zones, but what are they and how long should you be in each zone for maximum results? And which classes at InBalance will work your heart rate within these zones?

Zone % of MHR Feels Like Benefits Benefits
1 55% - 65% Very comfortable, used for warmup and cooldown Helps with recovery inBalance Repair & Restore, Mat Pilates, Pilates Stretch & Roll
2 65% - 75% A relaxed effort; you can easily hold a Improves basic fitness & fat Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Sculpt, Reformer
3 75% - 85% A comfortably hard effort; you can only say short broken sentences Improves aerobic fitness InBalance Barre, Piloxing, Latin Sculpt, InBalance Body
4 85% - 95% A very hard effort that’s sustainable, but you can only speak a few words at a time Increases max performance capacity for shorter sessions Dance and HIIT Combo classes

Monitoring Your Heart Rate: InTheZone at InBalance

Here at InBalance we’re always taking care of you- and that includes your heart. InTheZone is our cutting edge technology that uses an InBalance Heart Rate Tracker to track the metrics you need to know in order to workout smarter instead of harder. This small device monitors how hard you’re working and displays your heart rate, calories burned, and effort rating on a monitor inside the studio. Your results are emailed to you after each workout, and summarized for you at the end of the week! You can also view your results and progress any time from your online account.

If you’re ready to maximize your precious time (and your body!) by working out smarter, contact us to get started today or call us at 210-852-4020.



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