3 Wellness Tips for the Work At Home Professional

3 Wellness Tips for the Work At Home Professional

Work-at-home jobs are on the rise and definitely trending right now. The convenience, travel time saved, not to mention the gas money saved, are all drawing more and more people to work from home. Working from home can, however, get some people into some poor health habits so here are some overall health and wellness tips for all you WAH people:

1: Move and move often.

Sitting is not only bad for your hips and back and all the other posture muscles, but it’s bad for your heart and your metabolism. Invest in a desk that you can stand or walk on a treadmill while working or take periodic breaks to walk around or jog around the block. Take a walk when you have to make a call or sit in on a conference call. Even better, download a steps tracker or use your smart-watch to keep track of your movement so you can set goals each day to stay active.

2: Stick to a daily routine.

Working from home can mean you get lax on your schedule (especially when it comes to eating or working out) and kind of do-as-you-please. This is fine and all since you DO have the flexibility to do that, but your your health’s sake it is best to make a routine and stick to it. Eat at specific times, have specific times to workout, and specific bak times. This keeps you on track and will prevent you from skipping a workout or snacking mindlessly through your pantry when you need a break from working.

3: Download the inBalance App!

Workout and fitness app are the way to go when you work from home. It’s easy to sneak in a workout during your “lunch” or you can take a 20 minute break to get some energy to finish the rest of your day. Our inBalance app is ideal because you can curate your own workout based on how much time you have and what you want to workout so you can do it all at once or break it up throughout the day!

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