Easy ways to make fitness a part of your routine

Easy ways to make fitness a part of your routine


Keeping fit isn’t easy. Despite how easy the media makes it seem, it takes time, commitment, effort, and discipline. While this does come easier to some people than others, it still takes work. It is important to make working out and exercising a part of your daily routine so that way, it’s like second nature and you just do it by habit. Take a look at these tips to help you maintain your fitness routine.

Try group classes. Group classes are a GREAT motivator for anyone wanting to make fitness a habit. Maybe you already know this because of the classes at inBalance; and you know you have at least one workout friends who is going to call you out when you miss a class! In all reality, those working out alone are more likely to quit before their workout is over, not work out as hard, and not show up when they plan to. When you are working out in a group, you can feed off of the classes’ energy which can helps you push yourself harder (because you see other people pushing themselves!). The old adage “misery loves company” is perhaps even more true in a fitness setting! Hopefully the class isn’t total misery (totally subjective, I suppose), but the struggle and challenge of completing a fitness class is much easier when there is a group in it together where they are able to encourage each other, push each other and finish the task as a group.

Make clear goals for yourself. For many people working out just to work out doesn’t cut it; they lose interest, lose motivation and just don’t stick with it. having clear goals for yourself will give you something to work towards. Make goals and write them down. “ I will be able to do 20 push ups without stopping by March 1”, “I will be able to run for 2 miles without stopping by December 12”, “I will be able to do a while inBalance Body class without taking a break by January 5”…all these are clear, measurable goals that you can stick to and work towards. And once you reach your goal, make some more!

Put it in your calendar! So many of us are schedule oriented so putting down meetings and things to do in our calendars is the only way we will remember. Your workouts should be no different! If you are working towards getting fitness into your everyday routine, put it in your calendar at the time you will be working out or taking a class and stick to it just like you would a board meeting or sales call at work.

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