How HIIT moves can improve your running pace/stride

How HIIT moves can improve your running pace/stride


HIIT stands for high intensity interval workouts. HIIT workouts re any workout that combines quick intense bursts of exercise at a high intensity followed by exercises at a lower intensity. This combination of high intensity and lower intensity gets your heart rate up and are really efficient workouts because you get a lot done in a short amount of time. And because it is quick intense bursts of exercises which gets your body burning fat.

Using some combo moves in your HIIT workout does double duty, because not only are you getting your heart rate up, but you are using multiple muscle groups which ups the calorie and fat burn. Think moves like deadlifts, wall balls, burpees, thrusters (squat to overhead press).

When talking about improving running pace or stride, it’s important to know which muscles you should be focusing on. The power is going to come from from the hip complex, so that is all the muscles connected to and surrounding the hip. Doing some short, quick, explosive moves focusing on these muscles can definitely improve your pace! I recommend my clients do HIIT workouts with plyometrics, or jump training. Plyometrics can definitely help improve speed, agility, pace and stride.

Take a look at these moves that can help boost your pace and stride, and get you to your next racing goals!

#1: Jump squats

Start in a squat position with heels hip width distance apart and knees bent with hips back; power from the glutes and hamstrings to jump straight up, fully opening the hips then land back in the squat position. For an added challenge, hold a weighted ball or dumbbell while you jump! These will help build strength and power in the posterior chain (the back side!) which will improve both pace and stride.

#2: Lateral lunge to power jump

These lateral lunges will work those lateral stabilizers, which builds strength and power in the muscles that will improve both pace and stride. Starting in a lateral lunge (lunge to the side with one leg bent and one leg straight), jump from the outside leg (the one that is straight) to jump straight up then land back in your lunge. Make sure to do both sides!

#3: Rolling like a ball to stand

Start standing, then bend your knees to a squat and keep going until you come back to the ground, roll back on your back, then roll back up to your feet and hop off the ground (no hands!). Not only does this require serious core strength, but it also ignites those hips and glute muscles that you are focusing on for improved pace.

#4: Power Lunge

Start in a lunge with the right leg front and left leg back. Jumping up off the ground to switch legs, landing with the left leg in front. Keep jumping to switch legs, landing in a lunge. Just like the jump squat, because this exercise starts static (stationary) and then require you to power from your hips and glutes to jump, it will build strength around that hip complex to improve pace and stride!

#5: Single leg reach to hop

Start standing/balancing on the right foot; lean forward to touch the left hand to the right foot; as you come back up to stand, jump up on the standing foot to bring the left knee towards the chest then land back on the right foot and start again reaching for that right foot. Make sure to do both sides! This movement not only improves balance and core strength, but will also help build strength in the ankles and hip flexors to help improve pace and stride.

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