Biggest Mistakes When Trying to Build Lean Muscle

More and more people are discovering that the best way to get lean and fit is to build muscle because muscle equals tight, toned bodies! However, there are some major mistakes people make while they are trying to build muscle. If you are making these mistakes you are wasting precious time and energy for little to no results! So whether you are looking to get into bodybuilding, bikini competitions or just trying to lean up make sure you are not making these mistakes while you are trying to build muscle.

5 HIIT Exercises That Improve Pace and Stride

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, workouts are some of the best ways to burn fat, improve muscle recruitment and enhance cardiovascular performance. But wait there’s more! Turns out HIIT workouts can also help boost a runner’s pace and stride. Basically, consistent HIIT training can help you run faster and take longer, more efficient steps. Here are some HIIT moves that are specifically designed to enhance performance in these areas and help build overall endurance.

Debunking common workout myths

The internet is full and I mean FULL of information and so called “expert opinion” on fitness and exercise. With so much out there, how do you know what to believe? I personally follow what has been tested and proven in expert scientific studies, while also following what has worked personally for me and my clients… why would you believe anything else?

Best Cross-Training moves for trail runners

It’s fall in south Texas!!!

One thing this means for those who love the outdoors is more trail running. The weather is perfect! Running off-road provides a whole new set of challenges and things to think about. Trail running is much more challenging than road running because of the uneven surfaces you are running on.

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