Debunking common workout myths

Debunking common workout myths


The internet is full and I mean FULL of information and so called “expert opinion” on fitness and exercise. With so much out there, how do you know what to believe? I personally follow what has been tested and proven in expert scientific studies, while also following what has worked personally for me and my clients… why would you believe anything else? Be mindful of where you get your facts, there are a lot of myths and lies out there! I wanted to share a few of the biggest fitness myths out there that need to be debunked...don’t believe the lies!

"Strength training adds bulk"

Strength training alone does NOT add bulk. If you are looking for bulk, you must be eating a TON of calories ( I mean thousands) and lifting only heavy weight multiple times a day; this is what bodybuilders do, not the average person just trying to get fit and lean up. Strength training is a great way to build lean bodies, but does not immediately mean bulk. Muscle cannot build without adequate caloric intake.

"You have to do cardio to lose weight"

Cardio does not necessarily mean weight loss. There are myriad ways to lose weight and while cardio can help, it is not the end all. In fact, in many cases too much cardio can actually stall your weight loss efforts because instead of burning the carbs you are trying to burn off, you could be burning away your hard earned muscle, especially if you are not fueling and refueling properly. If you are going to include cardio, you should definitely include some strength training as well to help build muscle instead of burning through it. Cardio without strength training can lead to "soft" bodies with no tone or definition. So they key is to incorporate a combination of both. And of course, you cannot have a proper weight loss plan without the right nutrition!

"You can spot train so that you lose fat from specific areas of the body"

Unfortunately this is not's not what most people want to hear, but it just doesn't happen! You can build strength and muscle around areas you want to improve, but you cannot spot reduce fat. The method must include both cardio and strength training which will help reduce overall body fat; then you can start toning and build muscle around the areas you want to improve. And above all, nutrition is 85% of the equation, so the right balance of carbs, protein and fat is crucial!

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