Biggest Mistakes When Trying to Build Lean Muscle

Biggest Mistakes When Trying to Build Lean Muscle


More and more people are discovering that the best way to get lean and fit is to build muscle because muscle equals tight, toned bodies! However, there are some major mistakes people make while they are trying to build muscle. If you are making these mistakes you are wasting precious time and energy for little to no results! So whether you are looking to get into bodybuilding, bikini competitions or just trying to lean up make sure you are not making these mistakes while you are trying to build muscle.

Doing too much cardio.
When building muscle you have to be careful about the kinds of cardio you are doing. Many times people go for too long or too hard in their cardio sessions and they end up burning into the muscle they are trying so hard to earn. When building muscle, you should stick to HIIT type cardio sessions (short bouts of intense cardio) and limit it to only 2-3 times per week.

Not eating enough!
Muscle does not build by working out alone. This is a misconception by many people, especially women, who think just because they are going to start lifting weights they will automatically and immediately get "bigger" or more masculine. Building muscle not only requires strength training, but it also requires a proper diet and lots of protein. The proper balance of protein, carbs and fat is essential. Every meal you eat should include protein, preferably at least 5 small meals every few hours (to keep energy sustained and your metabolism constantly working). You should also eat plenty of carbs early on in the day and around your workouts to provide fuel for your workout. Specific numbers of protein and carbs can be determined by a nutrition coach based on your body and your goals but sticking to these few tips here is a good place to start:)
Not refueling after a workout.

Your pre-workout meal or snack should give you the energy supply you need to make it through your workout, while your post-workout meals should refuel your body and repair damage done during a workout. Because you are creating tiny tears in your muscles during a workout, you must repair this damage and help your muscles grow by refueling with carbs and protein. Skipping these crucial post-workout calories can be detrimental to your efforts and you will end up wasting a lot of time in the gym. An easy post-workout snack is a protein shake, mix some protein powder with water and drink up. Mix this with something like rice cakes or fruit to get some quick burning carbs to go right to muscles that need repair the most. Stay tuned to future blog posts about what is best to eat before and after a workout!

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