Are you making this workout mistake?

SoulCycle, Pure Barre, BodyPump; there are so many fitness trends right now, and more emerging by the minute. While these trendy workouts aren’t bad in and of themselves, the biggest mistake I see fitness fanatics making is sticking to these trends and evolving into die-hard fans who refuse to doing anything else BUT that workout.

First 14 Days Fast Track Program

Our signature in-studio 14 day program combines group classes and nutrition to get you the best results possible within these 2 weeks. Whether you are preparing for bikini season, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, have reached a plateau or simply looking to re-calibrating your lifestyle, our 14 Day Fast Track Program has what you need to achieve complete health and will give you direction on how to start your own wellness routine.

3 Misperceptions about Pilates

I met Pilates when I was barely a teenager when I would visit class with my mom at the gym…I fell in love with Pilates during my dance career in college. The quality of the movement, the fluidity and flow of the class, the relationship it had with my love of dance… I loved every part of it! I was made to do Pilates, and I found shortly after that I was made to TEACH Pilates.

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