Benefits of Balance Training

Balance. We all seek it; balance in life, balance in our diet, work-life balance... But what about balance in terms of proprioception. Maybe you’ve heard this word, maybe not but, balance, namely proprioception, is crucial for your longevity. Proprioception, in its simplest terms, is the body’s ability to interpret and use information about your position in space.

The Truth Behind Fitness Challenges

Plank challenge, squat challenge, push up challenge, bikini body challenge…these 30 -day fitness challenges are ALL over the place these days! As these seem to be one of the latest fitness trends, it’s best to get the facts before you get started on one of these because, as with anything, there are pros and cons and results are not guaranteed!

An inBalance Holiday Gathering

Join us December 3rd from 9AM-noon for a fun filled holiday gathering! We will be hosting free classes hosting some local vendors to help you with your Christmas shopping, an Athleta Trunk show with gift cards to raffle off, free massages, door prizes, food, and great deals on all things inBalance for you and your loved ones.

inBalance LIVE classes on Periscope!

We've got some big exciting things coming after the holidays in early 2017... and until then we want to give you an early Christmas present! We're going to be streaming some of our classes LIVE between now and January 2017. You read that right! LIVE from inBalance.

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