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Balance, Breathe and Bliss: inBalance Barre and Yoga Tune Up Workshop with Carolina and Diana

Athleta La Cantera Studio of the Month!

Join Hope each Saturday of the month in September for a different inBalance class, all for free! Check the schedule for specific classes, they all start at 8:30 AM!

Saturday, September 9, 9:30-11 AM

Join us for a morning of total body work and restoration.

Why You Should be Drinking More Water

H20 is really so simple; I mean, how can this hydrogen molecule connected to 2 oxygen molecules be so crucial to life? Water is literally life-giving and affects hundreds of bodily functions on the daily. Our bodies are so reliant on water that we could survive months without food, but only a week or so without water.

Awesome Road Trip Snacks

Can you believe summer is already halfway over! Just a month or so left of of pool parties, family vacations and summer travel before school starts back up. For all those who are traveling this summer, I am here to help keep you on track! Avoid the drive through and that afternoon blood sugar crash because you’ve decided to not eat all day to save up calories for vacation eating… terrible idea!! Instead, prepare for travel snacking ahead of time.

Is going gluten-free right for you?

Going “Gluten Free” is one of the trendiest things you proclaim these days. Popularized and “celebritized” by Hollywood celebrities who claim amazing weight loss or health transformations they found from going gluten free, it seems everyone is “gluten intolerant” these days.

Best Workouts to Target Belly Fat

By now, most savvy exercisers know it’s not the best tactic to attempt “spot treating” perceived problem areas on the body. We all wish it was as simple as that, but unfortunately, this is not the case. BUT…the good news is that there are some workouts that’ll work better to help target belly fat than others. Take a look:

Avoiding the pitfalls of summer vacation snacking…

So you’re doing your best to eat right, keep a balanced diet, get your veggies in, and cut back on the crap, right? The problem??? Your kids. Summer is here and your pantry looks like the corner store snack aisle… Temptation is everywhere; the struggle is real! So what’s a girl to do? Starve the kids? Not exactly… take a look at these steps can you can take to avoid the pitfalls of summer vacation snacking.

Hope Cowgill Pedraza

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