Meal prep hacks to make your life easier

These days, when we’re expected to work a full-time job, maybe also a side-hustle, take care of our families, clean, and cook, we aren’t afforded the luxury of “taking our time.” And often, when we’ve gotten home from work and we’re trying to scare up dinner, it can be tough to find inspiration to make meals that are both healthy and tasty.

The real secret to losing fat?

Want to know a secret? Like THE secret? The secret to losing fat? It’s actually no secret at all. This is the age old question everyone asks me, and one of the most common questions asked to any fitness professional is “how do I lose the fat around my (fill in the blank)?”. And if it’s a woman asking, it is usually accompanied by the infamous skin-pinching of the area they are asking about with a look of disgust.

inBalance InTheKitchen

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. inBalance InTheKitchen provides education and individualized programs for those seeking to better their health and wellness by taking control of their nutrition. We are providing the necessary knowledge and guidance to help you along the way to help fuel your life and reach your goals.

Periscope Tutorial

Did you know that inBalance LIVE streams classes on Periscope??? For a limited time, we are streaming some of our classes on the Periscope app. Here is a tutorial for all you non-techy people out there (no judging, I’m there with you!), here is a tutorial so you can find us on the app!

Sugary Swaps

I LOVE Christmas! I love everything about it: the decorations, the songs, the pageants, hearing the story of Jesus’s birth again every year… and of course the food! When you think of Christmas food what’s the first thing that comes mind? Well, Iif you’re like me it’s the sweets.

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