Benefits of Balance Training

Balance. We all seek it; balance in life, balance in our diet, work-life balance... But what about balance in terms of proprioception. Maybe you’ve heard this word, maybe not but, balance, namely proprioception, is crucial for your longevity. Proprioception, in its simplest terms, is the body’s ability to interpret and use information about your position in space.

Avoiding the pitfalls of summer vacation snacking…

So you’re doing your best to eat right, keep a balanced diet, get your veggies in, and cut back on the crap, right? The problem??? Your kids. Summer is here and your pantry looks like the corner store snack aisle… Temptation is everywhere; the struggle is real! So what’s a girl to do? Starve the kids? Not exactly… take a look at these steps can you can take to avoid the pitfalls of summer vacation snacking.

Hope Cowgill Pedraza

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The Truth Behind Fitness Challenges

Plank challenge, squat challenge, push up challenge, bikini body challenge…these 30 -day fitness challenges are ALL over the place these days! As these seem to be one of the latest fitness trends, it’s best to get the facts before you get started on one of these because, as with anything, there are pros and cons and results are not guaranteed!

Meal prep hacks to make your life easier

These days, when we’re expected to work a full-time job, maybe also a side-hustle, take care of our families, clean, and cook, we aren’t afforded the luxury of “taking our time.” And often, when we’ve gotten home from work and we’re trying to scare up dinner, it can be tough to find inspiration to make meals that are both healthy and tasty.

The real secret to losing fat?

Want to know a secret? Like THE secret? The secret to losing fat? It’s actually no secret at all. This is the age old question everyone asks me, and one of the most common questions asked to any fitness professional is “how do I lose the fat around my (fill in the blank)?”. And if it’s a woman asking, it is usually accompanied by the infamous skin-pinching of the area they are asking about with a look of disgust.

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