Biggest Mistakes When Trying to Build Lean Muscle

More and more people are discovering that the best way to get lean and fit is to build muscle because muscle equals tight, toned bodies! However, there are some major mistakes people make while they are trying to build muscle. If you are making these mistakes you are wasting precious time and energy for little to no results! So whether you are looking to get into bodybuilding, bikini competitions or just trying to lean up make sure you are not making these mistakes while you are trying to build muscle.

What happens when you eat too much sugar?

You might have read or learned enough about nutrition right now to know that sugar is BAD. It is the culprit responsible for the rising rates in childhood obesity, diabetes and inflammation related diseases. Sugar is hidden in so many things now from salad dressings, to condiments, to spices; sometimes you have no idea you are even eating it! THe best advice is to always read the nutrition labels so you can see where the hidden sugar is.

Foods to Avoid for Flat Abs

Everyone is working towards that flat tummy. We do sit ups, and crunches, and pilates, and dance and every possible angle to get the flat tummy. While all of these things can help tighten your midsection, diet is the more important piece of this equation, in fact it is up to 85% of the equation.

How to Eat Healthy On A Budget

In a season where we’re all trying to save a few bucks after splurging on Christmas gifts it’s always a good to know new ways to save a few bucks when shopping for groceries. Believe it or not, it is possible to eat healthy without breaking the bank! Take a look at these tips to save your some green when buying yours.

5 HIIT Exercises That Improve Pace and Stride

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, workouts are some of the best ways to burn fat, improve muscle recruitment and enhance cardiovascular performance. But wait there’s more! Turns out HIIT workouts can also help boost a runner’s pace and stride. Basically, consistent HIIT training can help you run faster and take longer, more efficient steps. Here are some HIIT moves that are specifically designed to enhance performance in these areas and help build overall endurance.

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