How to avoid those extra holiday pounds

How to avoid those extra holiday pounds


The holiday season is officially here! While we all look forward to spending the holidays with family and friends, many of us are dreading the oh-so-eminent holiday weight gain. But can you get through the holiday without adding to the scale?? Yes it IS possible! Check out these tips…

Be prepared.

To get through all the holiday gatherings and parties, make sure you party PREPARED. Many times when we know we are going to eat and drink and be merry, we go all day long without eating so that we “save” our calories for our party or gathering. Not only is this bad for your metabolism, but it leaves you famished and hangry when you arrive at your party, which means you will eat anything and everything in site! Instead, eat regularly throughout the day, focusing on getting adequate protein and water to keep you satiated and hydrated. Then when it comes time to party, you can freely eat the holiday carbs without worrying about overeating because you’ve been properly nourished throughout the day.

Move whenever you can.

The best advice to get through holidays muffin-top-free is to find time to MOVE. Even if you’re spending the week at Grandma’s house and have no access to a gym, go for a jog around the neighborhood, walk in the park or do a HIIT workout in the yard. The more you move the better you feel, and it can help you make better decisions when eating (we tend to make better decisions about food when we exercise regularly!).

Choose smarter.

There are some smart ways to feast on your holiday meals that can spare you some extra pounds. The best approach is to fill your plate with the healthier options like roasted turkey or roast beef and veggies, then you’ll be saving only a small space on your plate to just “taste” the other less-than-healthy-but-still-ridiculously-delicious foods that your Granny made without hurting her feelings…If you’ve been eating balanced and healthy up until the holidays, chances are that the little “taste” of the homemade mac and cheese or pecan pie will be enough to satisfy your holiday sweet tooth and you’ll leave the table comfortably satisfied rather than overly full!

Hit the re-set button post holidays.

Post holidays, we can feel a little sluggish and “fluffy” (AKA bloated to the max…) from all the drinks and sugary treats. Skip the juice fast and detox and instead just focus on doing a whole food cleanse. I hesitate to use the word “cleanse” with my nutrition clients because it can seem scary, but a whole food cleanse means you are still eating real food, just cleaner. Cut out sugar, alcohol, dairy, and processed food and stick with tons of veggies, whole grains, clean protein sources (wild fish, grass fed beef, farm raised chicken, and clean plant based sources), tons of water, and some fruits high in antioxidants like berries. I encourage my clients to eat most of their carbs early in the day for energy, and eat a big green salad full of colorful veggies, clean protein, nuts and seeds. Do this for a week or so to reset your metabolism and clean out the gunk and you will feel good as new.

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