3 Seemingly Healthy foods that are wrecking your digestion

3 Seemingly Healthy foods that are wrecking your digestion


I’m about to get real personal...you don't have to answer out loud, but think about this question: do you ever have gas? Like rumble- in-your-tummy, trying-to hold-it-in-but-it’s-really-uncomfortable gas? Even if you said no, I know you’re lying! We've all been there. Maybe it was from eating something we know we shouldn't have eaten (that splurge day can kick you right in the gut sometimes) but other times we feel it when we know we’ve been trying to eat right! There are some hidden culprits that could be wreaking havoc on your intestines (and by that, I mean these things can make you all fart-y!). If you eat any of these on a regular basis, try cutting back and see if your tummy doesn’t feel better.

1: Whey

This guy is in everything these days… protein powders, protein bars, peanut butter; do you know they even make protein ice cream now with whey protein? True story! So what exactly is whey anyway? Whey is a dairy derivative of milk, a milk protein to be exact, this is separated from the casein in milk. It is considered to be healthy because it is low in lactose (the part of milk that can lead to tummy troubles in most people) and it is a complete protein, meaning it has all 9 amino acids. That’s great and all, but for people who are sensitive to dairy, this little guy can really mess up your insides. And it is hidden in so many things these day that are “high in protein” that sometimes you don’t even know you are eating it. If you already know you are sensitive to dairy, steer clear of whey and switch to a plant based protein powder. If you don’t know if you have a dairy sensitivity but have some digestive issues, try cutting it out for a while and see what happens.

2: Oats

Say it ain't’ so?? I love my oatmeal, I really do, but my body (namely my tummy) does NOT. I tried gluten free, I tried steel cut, I tried instant, I tried soaking...I literally tried everything but the result was always the same: sooooo bloated. Some people, whether they are gluten sensitive or not, cannot eat oats, not because of a gluten thing, but because of the molecular makeup of oats. Yeah it’s way more scientific than we thought… Oats contain a particular protein which cannot be digested by some people. This protein is seen as an ‘intruder’ by your body, and your body reacts as though it were allergic so it can rid itself of it. This can be anything from bloating, diarrhea, or a serious allergy can lead to anaphylaxis. So if your oatmeal is making you gassy, switch to something else like breakfast quinoa (Google it, there are some delicious recipes) or brown rice.

3: Carbonated beverages

So maybe you’ve given up soda but you have a hankering for some bubbles so you’ve switched to sparkling water or that deliciously crisp Topo Chico. And the result, along with your slimming waistline is a serious case of bubble guts...Yep it happens. While sparkling water is clearly a better choice than soda, the carbonation can cause some stomach upset. These bubbles in the carbonation go into your stomach as air bubbles and, you guessed it, can make you bloated. So if you’re feeling the bloat from your Topo Chico, and you just can’t drink plain water, try flavoring it with some citrus or even some essential oils to add a little something something to your water.

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