Are you Eating the Wrong Thing Before You Workout?

Are you Eating the Wrong Thing Before You Workout?


Are you eating the wrong thing before you workout?

I think by now most of us know that we should fuel priorly before a workout, especially when we know its going to be a tough one! As much as we need to fuel, there are things you should and shouldn’t eat before a workout. Take a look at some of the worst things you can eat before a workout…

Foods with a lot of fiber

While high fiber foods are definitely what you want to eat on a regular basis, before your workout is not the time to do this. Excess fiber can cause bloating, gas and stomach discomfort during your workout. Stay away from high fiber protein or energy bars, high fiber breads, foods with flaxseed (high in fiber), as well as beans. These foods can definitely slow your workout down. If you are going to eat foods high in fiber, try to get them in at least a couple of hours before your workout and try something that is easily digestible right before your workout like rice cakes, fruit, or a protein shake.

Dark leafy greens and raw veggies

These are obvious winners in a healthy diet, but not ideal pre-workout snacks. Raw veggies take a while to digest and break down so these can also cause some > gas and discomfort during your workout. Instead, before your workout is the time to indulge in your favorite green juice, as it gives you all the vitamins and minerals but without the fiber.


In general this is something you want to be careful about, since many people cannot digest dairy properly anyway. But if you can tolerate dairy, I wouldn’t recommend this before you workout. Similar to veggies, dairy can take a while to despot and can make your stomach quite acidic, so it’s best to save the Greek yogurt snack for breakfast or sometime after you workout. Instead, try a plant based protein powder that gives you some energy and a vitamin boost from all the veggie goodness inside. Plus, it digests quickly so you have enough energy to spare!

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