What makes these health trends popular?

What makes these health trends popular?


So many trends and diet fads out there, it seems new trends emerge each week! Many of these can be extremely enticing, making claims of serious weight loss or outrageous results. While I can tell you that somer results are possible with these diet trends, most of them are just that: fads. A fad diet is typically something that isn’t around long and is not sustainable for the long term. When looking at weight loss or fat loss, the key is to find something that is sustainable for the long term, so it is more about a lifestyle change than hooking onto a trend or fad. These are a few of the hottest health trends right now. Take a look at the fads, the facts behind these and see if they are right for you.

Cold Pressed Juice

Juicing is all the rage. Juice it at home or head to the local juicer, you can find it everywhere these days. Cold pressed juice is juice made from fresh fruits and veggies and removes all the fibrous parts of the plants so you're left with vitamins and minerals that hit your body fast. These vitamins and minerals get into your bloodstream quicker than say a fruit smoothie where you put the whole fruit or veggie into a blender. Juice is great for quick nutrients, but make sure you are getting you fiber elsewhere, as you do need that fiber!

Gluten Free

Popularized and celebritized by Hollywood as well, going gluten free is something many people are turning to. Whether it is to lose weight, cure health issues or inflammation, even people who have no medical issues are choosing to cut out gluten. Gluten is the protein from wheat and rye that, in some people, can use inflammation and digestive issues. Many people with more serious side effects (those with Celiac) can even get permanent damage to their insides from continuously eating gluten. For many people it is necessity got go gluten free. Truth is, going gluten free CAN help you lose weight if you are replacing it with other whole grains or less processed carbs. It can also reduce inflammation by cutting out white flour and processed food. If you do choose to eat wheat and gluten, choose organic and non GMO varieties that have not been doused with pesticides and still have nutrients in tact. My recommendation for my nutrition clients is to choose sprouted varieties, as these nutrients are more readily available for the body to use and have more minerals.

Whole 30

A trendy phrase these days is to tell people you are doing Whole 30. What does this mean? Basically you are focusing on whole foods and cutting out sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes and soy for 30 days. It is the new “paleo” diet! This is a great way to kick start your metabolism and kind of “detox” your body from any junk you have been eating. Do keep in mind that this diet, as healthy as it is, can lead to some holes in your diet, especially if you are active. Many people equate this diet as a low carb diet, which, for active individuals, is not a great way to eat. You need carbs for energy so make sure you are getting a proper balance of protein to carbs. Focusing on whole foods is always ideal so the premise of Whole 30 is perfect, just make sure you are getting enough high energy foods to keep you performing at your peak!

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