Foods to Avoid for Flat Abs

Foods to Avoid for Flat Abs


Everyone is working towards that flat tummy. We do sit ups, and crunches, and pilates, and dance and every possible angle to get the flat tummy. While all of these things can help tighten your midsection, diet is the more important piece of this equation, in fact it is up to 85% of the equation. Certain things we eat can lead to weight gain, specifically around the middle. Take a look at these things you should avoid for a flat tummy.

First, soda. There is absolutely positively no reason to drink this crap! Full of chemicals, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners, this stuff is a recipe for inflammation, diabetes and obesity; not to mention the sugar crash that comes with it… And don’t think that switching to diet soda is any better. This stuff is pumped full of artificial sweeteners, which actually distorts your sense of taste which causes you to eat more this gain weight. One study even showed that drinking diet soda increases your risk of being overweight by 41%. It also increase your chances of contracting certain cancers, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It’s just not worth it! If it’s the fizz you are looking for, go for unsweetened sparkling water and add some fruit in it.

Second, sugary cocktails. When you're out with the girls or at date night it's tempting to order the house margarita, frozen cocktail or mojito (they're easy to order and everybody else is doing it, right?), but these mixed drinks are PURE sugar (not to mention the heartburn that comes with those pre-made mixes they put in those frozen cocktails!). Instead, order a skinny margarita (tequila, pure agave, lime juice and maybe club soda) for less than 100 calorie and only a few grams of sugar. Other tips on cocktails, order the club soda instead of tonic with liquor, clear liquors generally have less sugar and calories, tequila has the least effect on your blood sugar than any other liquor, and stay away from anything that comes in a mix (it's all sugar, and no telling what else.) All of this sugar is converted in to fat in the body and for women especially, deposits right in the belly.

Candy or fake chocolate. These kind of go hand in hand, but I wanted to make sure to distinguish between the 2. Candy is really just is teeth rotting, blood sugar spiking, artificially-filled crap. There is absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever in this stuff. This goes for the chocolate stuff too. Candy bars or other chocolate candy actually contains very little chocolate at all; it is mostly added sugar, fillers, artificial flavoring and high fructose corn syrup. All of these things cause a blood sugar spike and make your insulin levels go crazy…the result? weight gain especially in the belly… If you have a sweet tooth that needs to be tamed, or if you are a chocolate lover, stick to the PURE chocolate, the real thing; something dark that only has a few ingredients (that is when you know if the real stuff, only a few ingredients...and ingredients you can pronounce!). The real stuff actually has healthy antioxidants so not only are you taming that sweet tooth, but you are getting a few health benefits too.

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