inBalance For Dancers

All of the classes at inBalance lend perfectly to dancers (they were created by a dancer,after all!). With Hope’s many years as a dancer, choreographer and dance team coach, she has provided the skills and pattern of movements necessary to train and condition dancers, and has created a qualified base of instructors that are trained to use their classes as a cross-training or conditioning mechanism for dancers. Hope has experience with working with the dance teams in San Antonio an surrounding areas including, O’Connor HS, Clark HS, Reagan HS, Churchill HS, Boerne HS, as well as Heather Stolle Dance and Lone Star Collective. If you, your child, your studio, or your dance team is interested in bringing an inBalance instructor on site or scheduling private or semi-private sessions send us an email at

Hope encourages all dancers to attend inBalance classes as well as group reformer classes. Dancers as young as 11 can reap the benefits of these classes. Starting with the Try Us Pass, our introductory offer, is the best way to get started, and from there, we offer several options at a discounted student rate for dancers to continue their practice.

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, inBalance offers a summer intensive to keep dancers conditioned and strong throughout the entire year. Visit our calendar to see upcoming dates.

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