inBalance is a community that will provide a safe place for all levels and age groups to get moving, challenge their minds, and gain empowerment over their bodies. We want people to fall in love with sustainable movement, while living a strong, healthy and beautiful life.

What Makes inBalance Different

inBalance was created by fitness expert and instructor Hope Pedraza. The goal? To give people an opportunity to love movement as much as she does, and provide them options for classes that they will find nowhere else in town. She wanted to create a space to inspire people to nurture their body and their soul, and to provide a sense of belonging and community with students. Classes at inBalance rely on a variety of proven methods that take students out of their comfort zone, strengthening the body and improving flexibility by developing a balance that utilizes a fun and focused approach to movement, and all of this is done with top-notch instructors. inBalance isn’t to create a fad dedicated to fitness. The goal is to create a lifestyle that demonstrates a love of movement and prides itself on connecting the mind, body, and spirit for wholeness. Our workouts and our classes are amazing, and they are effective! Our studio and our classes are built on these pillars.


Our instructors are real people, just like you. And they’re dedicated to you: they were trained here, they stay here, and they're always your workout partners. They're not standing around barking orders, they're working out with you! Each class is modified to YOUR level and where YOU are when you walk in the door; no expert knowledge of fitness needed, we meet you where you are. Everyone is included and everyone is welcome.


Most commercial barre studios and franchises teach a barre method that was created over 50 years ago. inBalance barre was created by the owner, Hope Pedraza, to incorporate more muscle groups using actual ballet and dance movements in a cardio and interval style workout igniting your metabolism. After seeing the effectiveness and popularity of inBalance Barre, Hope Pedraza took the same approach and her methodology to develop even more ways to work the body to create 4 more inBalance signature classes. Our classes are designed to progress, change, and evolve over time so that you are always evolving, never plateauing. In addition to the 5 signature classes, inBalance provides classes that build a foundation for movement as well as opportunities for recovery, with classes like yoga, mat pilates, and restorative classes.


Our classes take everything you've got, so it is a full mind and body experience. They are designed to make you feel strong and powerful, so you feel good in your body and can own every part of it. With our love of movement at the heart of our studio, you learn how to move and feel fully empowered by the time you leave.

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