Our Signature 8 to Great Program is an 8 week total wellness program that will transform how you eat, live and feel.

At inBalance, we take a holistic approach to health by putting the entire equation together with both nutrition and fitness. We believe that in order to reach your goals and become your strongest, healthiest version of YOU it takes a comprehensive approach.

And this is what our 8 to Great Program is about. Hope will help you establish your goals for your own health, and them empower you with the knowledge, mindset and tools you need in order to succeed. Whether you are looking to drop pounds, shed body fat, you're looking to get active, looking for guidance or new education or wanting to recalibrate your life or just need a push and some accountability, this transformation program is guaranteed to get you stronger, leaner, full of energy and vitality.

This 8 week program is not just about the number on the scale; it is about achieving an attainable and sustainable life through nutritional knowledge, a healthy mindset, and the information you need to create balanced meals for YOUR body and for YOUR goals and for YOUR lifestyle. This program is about finding balance, both physical and nutritional balance, as well as a balance in life, finding a way to balance life's responsibilities with making your own health a priority.

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8 to Great At a Glance


Easy to Access Guides

3 easy to access guides to download along the way that contain all your program materials and information. You can download it right to your phone, tablet or computer. Keep them with you to access anywhere.



Repair your body from the wear and tear from those less-than-healthy decisions you've made over the years. Create a solid foundation with new healthy and sustainable habits with a gentle detox to clean out all the gunk that has been trapped inside, getting rid of things that cause inflammation like sugar, processed foods, alcohol, and add in things that will help calm inflammation and rid your body toxins to prepare for that internal transformation that is coming your way.


Shopping List and Meal Plans

Shopping lists, Supermarket sweep and custom meals plans are all included in the program. Plus, recipes and a guide on healthy swaps so you can take what you learn into the real world and and still eat what you like. We’ve done all the planning to save you time and worry!


Social Survival Guide

Stage 3 is all about bringing what you have learned into the real world. It’s so easy to slip up in social situations, unless you’re prepared with strategies that work and help you feel confident! This guide will help you navigate these tricky situations and show you how to work around your travel obligations.



A private online community of current and alumni of the 8 to Great program- because there is no reason you should do it alone! Connecting with other participants, past and present, and with Hope will help you say accountable and meet your goals.


Group Coaching

Hope leads you through this program every step of the way. With weekly emails our private Facebook community, and direct access to Hope, you have unlimited access to answers you need throughout the program!

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"What people are saying about 8 to Great"

I have been a regular gym goer for 20 years. I love to sweat and feel strong. I joined the 8 to Great program to shake up my routine. During the 8 weeks I've learned a couple of things. First, refocusing on nutrition makes the biggest difference. Portion control and making better choices have always been my problem. Hope gave us a lots of tips and recipe ideas to keep us on track. My body craves healthy food more than ever. Secondly, I don't have to kill myself with boot camps and heavy weights to get results. Don't get me wrong, Pilates and Barre equally are challenging and make me sweat and get my heart rate up. After 8 weeks, I've lost 5 pounds, 2 inches on my waist and 3 inches on my hips. Apart from physical results, I've had fun and laughed along the way!


I wanted to send you a note of thanks for helping me on my path to wellness. For years, I have had a personal battle with my body. Quite frankly, just never truly loved it. I also know that unless we love ourselves as we are then we block the light that shines from us to others. Through some work and transformation, I am seeing the light! I am feeling stronger and starting to see my health in a different way. Although it is great to slip into my skinny jeans, that is not my number one goal. I’m really seeing positive changes. Thank you for creating an environment that not only supports good health, but a great spirit!


I am in my mid 40’s, in pretty good shape, and ate healthy (or so I thought) most of the time. I joined the 8 to great program with the simple goal of losing 5 stubborn pounds. What an eye opening experience it has been. Hope taught me that eating healthy is about so much more than counting calories and that there can definitely be too much of a healthy food. This experience has truly changed my dietary habits for the better and I’m seeing and feeling the difference every day. Hope is truly a professional and an expert. She answered all of my many questions thoroughly and quickly. I am so happy I decided to participate!!!!


How does it work?

The 8 to Great program is broken up into 6 modules. Hope has created a step by step plan that takes you through all the steps required to make meaningful and lasting changes in your life, from auditing your pantry, your current diet, your mindset, as well as proving ample education about the foods that you should be including in your diet, how to incorporate these, eating for your body type and how to stick to the plan while still enjoying your glass of wine or dessert now and again. Within each stage you will receive helpful info guides, meal plans, nutrition guides and more.

  • Module 1 is about getting started with a kitchen clean out and restock as well as a lesson on portions and sizes so you know how to get started with real food.
  • Module 2 is our detox! Not as scary as it sounds, this detox is a whole foods detox that will eliminate things that are causing inflammation, digestive issues, and keeping you from really reaching your nutrition goals.
  • Module 3 is about eating for your body type where you will learn about your specific body type and the best way to eat for your body. You will receive personalized macronutrient recommendations so you can start seeing progress.
  • Module 4 is all about planning your meals. You will take an in depth look at portioning your food, meal planning and prep, nutrient timing, how to deal with cravings as well as tons of great recipes to get you started!
  • Module 5 is an important module, as we will look at changing your mindset in regards to your goals, reasons, rewards, and punishments, the internal dialogue you have about your body and food, and the scale. This is often the missing piece many are missing that is keeping them from seeing progress!
  • Module 6 is our last module where we will take a look at finding balance. You will learn how to take what you have learned in this program into the real world, with a full understanding of making healthy swaps, making informed empowered decisions on what you eat and how you eat, and how to plan fun meals, events, parties and your favorite cocktails into your life! You will also receive lots of recipes for success in this module.

When you enroll in 8 to Great you will get:

  • 6 implementation modules that will explain literally EVERYTHING you need to make real, lasting changes and see results
  • a 10 day detox to repair your body from the wear and tear from those less-than-healthy decisions you've made over the years while also helping will calm inflammation and rid your body toxins to prepare for that internal transformation that is coming your way
  • Shopping lists, supermarket sweep, recipes and a guide on healthy swaps so you can take what you learn into the real world and and still eat what you like
  • Personalized recommended macronutrients so you can eat the right way for your body type as well as recipes, grocery lists and menu guides all along the way

Plus these bonuses to help you generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it!) to make these changes last!

  • Regular emails from me with even MORE valuable info, recipes, tips and tricks to keep you on track throughout the program
  • A private online community of current and alumni of the 8 to Great program where you can connect with other participants, past and present, as well as with me so we can help you stay accountable and meet your goals
  • 8 weeks of live Q&A inside the private Facebook group where you can get all of your questions answered by me

Plus you’ll be backed by a risk free 14 day guarantee. Let us say this upfront. 8 to Great is the most comprehensive holistic program to help you make sustainable changes in your life and help those that want to make their health and wellness a priority see lifelong results. The community we’ve built with this program is full of helpful, motivated, and super supportive members who have made the same changes and are seeing the same results. When you join, you will be a part of this special group.

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8 to Great Signature Nutrition Program

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8 to Great Signature Nutrition Program with inBalance
in-studio classes

3 payments of


One time payment of


*includes 8 weeks of in-studio unlimited inBalance classes


**Program add-ons and payment plans available, such as virtual coaching for the Nutrition Program, extra private sessions or additional menu or meal planning.

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