Maribel Wasmiller

Maribel Wasmiller


Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Pearsall, Texas and have made San Antonio my home for many years.

How did you get started in health and fitness?

I love my profession, but I often find it tends to lend itself to a sedentary day. I wanted to incorporate more opportunities in my day to feel motivated, strong and energetic. I began researching and learning about the best ways to care for my body, mind and soul. I wanted to feel a unique sense of balance in my daily life. As a result, I created a routine that incorporated daily meditation and exercise. After a while, it became a part of my life and essential to the balance I feel all humans need to continue to be kind to ourselves, while caring for our families and others. I have found that I am able to bring forth my best when I am feeling my best.

When I started taking classes at InBalance Studio, several years ago, I found a great studio that provided everything I needed to reach my goals, from Yoga, Barre, Pilates, InBalance body classes to Piloxing! I wanted to share the love and enthusiasm that I was feeling during my workouts with others looking to make it fun, while still getting an awesome challenging workout. Inspired by the amazing instructors and my love for health and wellness, I decided to obtain my Piloxing SSP certification and start teaching the class. I want to share how a great work out can really transform your day and how in the midst of our daily lives, we all deserve this time to care for ourselves!

What is your favorite class to teach?

Piloxing SSP, but I love taking all of the classes!!

What do you want every person to get out of your class?

I want them to get a fun, safe, and challenging workout that provides strength and cardio training while having a super fun time! I want every person to leave feeling amazing and that they have inspired themselves, by showing up for themselves and doing a little more than they did the day before!

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