Diana Duncan

Diana Duncan


Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY in a suburb of New York City. I became interested in health, fitness and movement when I was in high school working at our local "health food" store that had a completely macrobiotic deli. I was all in and took the dive into living within macrobiotic principles, finding out about mediation, yoga and all aspects of holistic health. These experiences stayed with me and influenced my life every day since that time. After university I discovered my interest in healing was greater than my enthusiasm for working in an office so I quit my job to study massage therapy. During my training I discovered both pilates and yoga and went on to do a few teacher trainings in order to deepen my personal knowledge of those disciplines.

How did you get started in health and fitness?

Movement is life, movement is healing and I knew that I wanted to share and educate my table clients on ways to get out of pain and stay out of pain with self empowering actions. The last 15 years of research into fascia has opened up our ability to understand the healing process of the body. I am now trained in leading others through self care routines with Yoga Tune Up® , The Roll Model Method® and Melt Method®. My goals is to continue to be a student myself while creating a safe space where individuals can come and explore their body and its incredible healing capacity.

What is your favorite class to teach?

My favorite class to teach right now is Yoga Tune Up®. A YTU practice helps reveal how our bodies are naturally self healing organisms. When we couple that knowledge with compassion and awareness we can create and environment for change to impact our physical body, brain and nervous system.

What do you want every person to get out of your class?

My goal with every class is to teach something that ignites someone's curiosity. I think staying interested in what you do will keep you engaged in the practice. My favorite teaching experience is witnessing students acknowledge parts of their body, mind or belief system in a new way and integrate that into their class practice and ultimately life.

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