Ambrosia Ortega

Ambrosia Ortega


Where you were you born and raised?

Germany born/ Killeen, Texas raised

How did you get started in health and fitness?

Majority of my life I've been into fitness. My mom was a personal and group fitness trainer, so I grew up around fitness and grew to love it! But it more so started off as a personal journey to get myself in shape and to become confident in my own skin. When it comes to actually instructing I started with something more on the sexy side. I instructed Stilleto fitness class at Smash Dance studio but had to let it go due to my busy schedule. Inbalance is where it all really began for me! I was actually looking into getting my Pilates Certification and just so happen to fall into the world of Inbalance barre! Hope took me in, trained me to be the barre beast/babe that I am, and now I have the honor of instructing barre classes! I'm hooked! Since then I've gotten my Zumba and piloxing certification which I hope to put to use soon!

What is your favorite class to teach?

Barre is the only class I currently teach and it is definitely a favorite!

What do you want every person to get out of your class?

I aim for my classes to be challenging yet fun! Once that music hits, the sweat starts to drip, and they start feeling the burn... I want them alll to know that they CAN push through and that their body is Capable of some pretty awesome things! "You got this!" Is what I always say. I want everyone who comes to my class to leave feeling proud of themselves, knowing they gave their all, and that they are stronger than when they first came in. When they walk out of the studio I want them to leave feeling the beast that they are!

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