inBalance Instructor Certification Course

The inBalance Certification Program will give you the ability to teach some of the most effective workouts in the industry today, and will allow you to bring our most popular classes to inBalance clients everywhere. Our classes are rooted in our signature BARRE, high energy interval class that blends techniques from pilates, ballet, plyometrics and yoga, put together in an interval based class to get your heart rate up and metabolism revved. This class format lends to 6 other signature class formats that are exclusive only to inBalance and we will study how to translate this to the other class formats in the training weekend. This certification will not only add to your repertoire as a certified fitness professional, but will propel you into the next realm of fitness. Through our weekend intensive course and subsequent training hours, learn how to incorporate our evidence based technique with your knowledge of fitness in order to give your clients one of the best workouts out there, and one that is motivating, rewarding, and fun!

We currently offer a weekend intensive, that takes place at inBalance in San Antonio. Through this course you will:

  • Learn traditional and modern/contemporary methods of barre training that are incorporated into our signature barre class
  • Learn how to deliver complete instruction using informative and well timed cues
  • Learn exercise anatomy, exercise modifications for injuries and special needs
  • Understand how to teach both inBalance classes at the group level and private level
  • Learn how to breakdown choreography so that anyone can follow you in class
  • Develop an understanding of inBalance’s core principles and concepts
  • Learn how to master the inBalance Barre class format in order to incorporate new content and variations in each class
  • Learn how to bring the structure of a barre class into any signature inBalance class, such as TONE or BODY class
  • Learn how to create and combine your own choreography, style, and playlist within the class format
  • Increase your own strength and endurance using inBalance’s techniques, so as to better instruct these techniques to others
  • Become an inBalance team member upon successful completion

Pre requisites for this course and instructor training:

  • A personal training certification or group class instructor certification (500 hour Pilates certification and Physical Therapy degree accepted) AND/OR professional dance background
  • Current CPR/ARD certification Requirements for completion of the inBalance Certification:
  • Attend the full weekend intensive
  • Take a minimum of 10 inBalance classes (can be done before the certification program)
  • Observe 10 inBalance classes
  • Teach 10 practice classes
  • Pass the teaching evaluation
  • Pass the client feedback evaluation

The course is comprised of:

  • A 2 day intensive
  • 20 participation classes
  • 20 observation classes (ability to participate in these)
  • 10 practice teaching classes
  • An instructor manual
  • An Instructor Evaluation


Upon successful completion of the program, you will become a certified inBalance Instructor, and will be awarded an inBalance Certificate of Completion.

inBalance Instructor Benefits Once an inBalance certified instructor, you will be required to stay current with content and props used in our studios through the inBalance App in addition to:

  • membership to the inBalance Instructor Facebook group
  • discount on other inBalance certification courses or workshops
  • discount on inBalance apparel
  • discounted class prices and then a free inBalance membership when you teach 3 or more classes per week
  • subscription to the inBalance newsletter, staying involved in everything current that is happening at inBalance


  • Schedule:
  • Friday, June 14: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Saturday, June 15: 8 AM - 3 PM
  • Note:

    • Discounts are available for those who have complete the inBalance Pilates Teacher Training.
    • Payment plans are available. Email for more information.

    For any questions about attending our Certification Course, email Hope at

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